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With so many natural hair stylists, styles and “so-called natural hair gurus, it can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to sort through what is real and what is a gimmick. On this website, I will help you make sense of it all, and empower you with the privilege of having beautiful natural hair.

“The natural hair journey will take you to amazing destinations”


Being one of Atlanta’s best natural hair professionals is not an easy accomplishment. Aside from over 20 years of studying, styling, cultivating and nurturing hundreds of natural hair types, textures and conditions, there has to be a genuine love and continued commitment to preserving the HONOR & EMPOWERMENT of natural hair care.

With such an extensive background in natural hair care, it is clear that the choice to “go natural” is not always a simple decision. There are a number of social and psychological factors that can stifle your progress. With our natural hair consultation, you will be provided a thorough hair evaluation, professional support, and the pertinent information you need to make a conscious decision regarding your natural hair journey.

Should you have any questions, or inquiries about a hair appointment, or consultation, please feel welcome to contact us.


hand-crafted perfection

Kia Lewis Natural Hair Style

Natural Design

Never leave your hair care needs in the hands of just anyone. Kia Lewis offers professional service every appointment. No Exceptions.

Hair Care

Some stylist “Do Hair.” Kia Lewis and her staff care for all of their clients… Mind, Body, Spirit, and Hair. Every appointment and service is rooted in holistic care.

High Standards

Time, Energy, and Positive Intentions are at the core of our serve. We deliver the best of our talent to you. And we expect to receive the best version of you

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Please arrive at your designated appointment ON TIME. All clients are given a 15 minute grace period to arrive due to unforeseen circumstances. A courtesy call and text message would be greatly appreciated if you feel you will be tardy. More than 15 minutes late will result in a rescheduled appointment and subject to a $25 cancellation fee.



Please use our online booking service to cancel, or reschedule an appointment. All notifications received less than 48 hours before scheduled appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee of $25.